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Local Shopping App to support Watford’s High Street

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Watford Borough Council has announced a partnership with the local-shopping app Oiyaa to support rejuvenation of Watford’s high street.

The app, Oiyaa, works by partnering with small businesses and offering promotional discounts and rewards to customers who make purchases via the app. The company hopes that the app will drive customers towards supporting local businesses rather than spending money at online retailers.

In addition to making local shopping more attractive for consumers, Oiyaa is donating a percentage of each transaction on the app to the Watford Helps Covid Appeal, which provides funds for charities playing a vital role in helping Watford recover from the pandemic.

Oiyaa launches on Tuesday 8th June with a sign-up event for local businesses at the Holiday Inn on Clarendon Road. The launch event will also be attended by Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor. Find out more here:

Neeta Dhorajawala, CEO of Localvalu, who designed the app, said: “We believe that Oiyaa will be the go-to tool of choice for retailers looking to recruit and retain a new and loyal customer base. We have designed the app to be the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ for every retailer on the high street.”

Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor added: “I have no doubt that the Oiyaa App will prove to be a valuable asset to Watford retailers facing the current high street challenges.” He also welcomed the pledge from Oiyaa to contribute to the Watford Helps Covid Appeal.

Find out more about Oiyaa at

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