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New Covid-19 safety measures and infection control training for taxi and minicab services

To keep taxi drivers and customers safe, over 50 taxi and private hire drivers licensed by Watford Borough Council have already signed up to specialist infection control e-training.

The specialist training, which is regularly updated, helps drivers understand a range of infection control methods and changing rules specifically in regard to Covid-19.

The training course is open to all drivers and, under the council’s Travel with Confidence scheme, which will soon be available across the county.It has six different sections which take about 10-15 minutes each and focus on topics such as current legislation, personal hygiene and vehicle cleanliness. Drivers can fit the training in around their work day, as the e-learning platform allows people to stop and start and pick up where they left off. If you are a driver licensed by Watford Borough Council and you want to complete the training, please contact

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