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Watford claims top 3 spot in national Vitality Index

The 2023 UK Vitality Index has ranked Watford third out of the UK’s 100 largest urban areas, marking it out as an outstanding place to live and do business.

The annual health assessment of the UK’s largest towns and cities outside London, undertaken by property consultancy Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH), identifies where are the best places to live and do business, along with the greatest potential for future opportunities.

Each area is ranked on the vitality of three pillars:

· Economy and business – including wage growth, workforce jobs growth in specific sectors, new enterprises and business density.

· Living – including education, lifestyle, GCSE results and NVQ4+ attainment.

· Health and environment – including life satisfaction, recycling rates and green space.

Notably, the LSH report points out that, “Watford is the only location to achieve a Top 10 placement in all three pillars.”

Visit for more information and to view the full report.

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