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Join a FREE new healthy workplace programme

With 1 in 6 workers experiencing a mental health issue in the past week, is it time to check in with your employees’ health and wellbeing?

Hertfordshire County Council is working with small and medium sized businesses from the private and voluntary sectors to lead the way to healthier workplaces in Hertfordshire for everyone. Their Herts Healthy Workplace programme will address any health concerns in the workplace by offering personalised advice, support and training to help you make the changes you need for a healthier and happier workplace.

You can start your journey from this October and get registered now.

For your staff:

· Signposting to external support.

· Training on key health and wellbeing topics.

· Access to health and wellbeing events and webinars.

· Engagement with national and local campaigns.

· Health checks in the workplace.

For you:

· One to one support from a trained advisor.

· A survey with your employees on their current health and wellbeing.

· Establishment of areas where support is needed.

· Support with personalised health and wellbeing action planning to

create sustainable change.

· Assistance embedding health and wellbeing into the culture of your business.

Free webinars

Hertfordshire County Council believe by providing you and your employees’ with the right opportunities, you’ll be in a good place to lead the way in creating, inspiring and encouraging a healthier way of life at work – and in your local community.

Learn more and drop in to one of their lunchtime webinars from 12:30pm to 1pm:

· I want to register now for Thursday 15 September

· I want to register now for Thursday 21 September

You can also find out more about the programme by visiting

If you have any questions, please email

Do you work in Hertfordshire?

If you work in Hertfordshire and want your workplace to make these healthier changes, please let your employer know about Herts Healthy Workplace. And if they still need convincing, you could volunteer to become their new Health Champion and lead the way. You'll be provided with all the support and training you need – for free!

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