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The Hertfordshire Growth Hub provides free business support (and potentially match-funded grants) to small-to-medium-sized enterprises that have been in operation for 2+ years and have five to 249 employees.

The Growth Hub helps businesses grow by providing expert advice on areas such as product development, branding and employee training, whilst enabling access to technical expertise and R&D funding.


Hertfordshire Growth Hub can refer businesses on to any of the business support programmes listed here regardless of time in operation and business size.


The Hertfordshire Start-up Programme provides support (and potentially match-funded grants) for businesses to start and develop in their early stages with access to 12 hours of free business start-up support.

This can be in the form of workshops and networking, one-to-one business advice in person and online, incubation workspace usage and access to grants.

The Get Enterprising Programme provides tailored support to start-ups and early stage businesses with the propensity to grow, and prepare them to use Hertfordshire Growth Hub’s scale-up support provision.



The Mentor Scheme, in association with the Business Finance Taskforce, provides existing businesses trading for more than 12 months with up to 12 free mentoring sessions over 6 months.

The Manufacturing Growth Programme supports manufacturing SMEs to grow.

Specialist Manufacturing Growth Managers provide free advice and support to SME manufacturers grow by identifying, understanding and removing barriers to growth and enabling sustainable business improvement.


Export Certification. Watford and West Herts Chamber of Commerce can help with the issue and certification of documents to ensure your goods and services are exported in accordance with international law and procedures.  Whether you are exporting for the first time or require further assistance on preparation of documents, help and advice on the following is available:

  • EC Certificates of Origin

  • EUR1 & ATR Movement Certificates

  • Arab British Certification (Postal Service)

  • Egyptian British Certification (Postal Service)

  • Foreign & Commonwealth Apostille (Postal Service)


The Hertfordshire Science Partnership is a multi-strand open innovation programme that leverages the University of Hertfordshire's state-of-the-art science facilities and academic expertise to boost the dynamic pharmaceutical, life sciences and agri-technology sectors in the East of England.

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